A few months ago I got a call and they said we think you might want to rent out this location for a wedding, I went to Miss Jeanne’s dinner theater which is in the basement under French confection and I saw the stone on the wall and suddenly I knew what we needed to do! This week we started on Wednesday.. And started the wall draping.., and Thursday I was there doing the ceiling drape lighting and floral arrangements. Well about 2:00 in the morning or sometime after midnight i was almost finished with the ceiling drapery, I pulled too hard and kabam!… Half the wall fell down!

I sat there for about 30 minutes about ready to cry instead I just ate a huge piece of cake! Not the way to deal with stress!!!! Then I got back up and fixed it.. That night I left at 3:00 in the morning , finally got in bed at 5:00 and I was hurting in every bone in my body so I decided to take a prescription pain pill, I just didn’t realize I was allergic to it, I itched until 8:30 in the morning! Finally went to sleep for 4 hours… ANd went back up there…..a larger part of the crew came on Friday and the rest came on Saturday and knocked it all out in a hurry! It actually turned out so romantic, very intimate romantic feeling there… I absolutely loved it!!!
Now these are my iPhone pics (my husband gets on to me for posting these, I just get so excited I hate waiting for the professional pictures… But I will post professional ones after I finish them!

This was the ceremony setup

This was the reception room!

I’ll be posting more on our website too!
The befores and afters will be on there soon!

Call me if you want more information on this location (you can text me too) 615-967-1793

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