Wow haven’t realized I hadn’t blogged in forever! Well today was insane.. Let me share my lighting adventure…

Yesterday just got back from being with my husbands family in Iowa for almost a week in a half.. I told my husband I was about to start draping our hotel room if he didn’t get me back home to TN soon! Lol..
So after 12 hour drive we made it back! So needless to say im really exhausted today….Today had a simple (seemingly) setup backdrop, lighting.. On stage area..Except this was not a wedding, this was a church new years eve service event..and I got a new dimmer pack that I can control lights that I couldn’t control before. I can control now.. Well I was so excited..I wasn’t even thinking.. I put way to many lights(these are not LED lights) on this dimmer pack and suddenly my cord started melting and smoking.. And sparks flying! Yikes! It had too much power! I yanked it out and it was all melted! I was supposed to split up into 2 or 3 dimmer packs!!! Lordy lordy! Anyways my 2 hour setup ended up being about 10 hours.. The last 2 hours where spent with the coordinator creating a new lighting scene for every act/song/dance.. The event is going to be 4 hours long so you can imagine.. I think we did 30 different scenes…and I’ve got about 5-6 more hours worth of work tomorrow! So over and out till tomorrow! I’ll post a picture!

Oh check out the wedding we did in december at the Maxwell house on our website!
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