So today we’ve added on another awesome thing to our one source weddings packages….

I am always trying to work with brides budgets and when your doing a $10,000 budget for a full package, a lot of times they don’t have the budget for a DJ. Now our DJ that we use is awesome awesome awesome! But sometimes it’s just too expensive. Well I think food and music are the 2 most important things at the wedding.. So I’ve been racking my brain to figure out a better solution for the bride than just a cheap bad DJ. So I started thinking what makes a good DJ.

(1) their sound system! So we purchased the BOSE L1 system.. Unbelievable clarity and sound

(2) a good mix of music – we have an iPad and about 3,000 songs on it already, I’ve already got playlists of every thing happening.. So just put them all in order

(3)smooth transitions between songs.. Got an iPad DJ app.. That we can crossfade into the next song

(4) microphone for speeches…etc.. Check got that too

Now the only thing is the actual DJ talker…which ours is awesome!

But if your on a budget and you want to pay 50% to 75% less than the poppin DJ and you just want poppin music you can now add it on!

DJ runs from $700-$1000
iPod/Bose music package $300-$500

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