Signature Cakes by Vicki
“For the most beautiful centerpiece to your wedding and the most delicious dessert for your reception . . . you want a “Signature Cake!”


What flavor is your best seller?
Usually one of these three: White Chocolate Truffle, Strawberry White Chocolate or Caramel Butterscotch is usually in each wedding cake, but flavor is very subjective and there are so many other great ones that people choose. Sometimes they might go crazy and order Key West Margaritaville for the whole cake.

Do you do both fondant and buttercream icing?
Yes we do both fondant and buttercream. Our buttercream is Italian buttercream made with egg whites, hot syrup, butter and Madagascar vanilla. It’s a cooked, light complimentary butter cream design to go with our flavors. Of course we can do any buttercream that our clients request.

What events do you enjoy working the most?
Weddings and Big Birthdays

Have you worked with Elliott events? If so, did you enjoy working with us?
Oh yes, I love Elliott Events!!!!! Professional for both the client and the vendor. I can’t tell you how important that is to me. I realize that clients are the most important but vendors relationships happen over and over

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