From the beginning working with Anjali was a dream. She lives in New York where she is studying to be a doctor(so is her fiance’) so she didn’t have much time to plan a wedding or even think about decor. She already loved my modern style and just gave me her colors and some pictures of decor she liked and let me do whatever I wanted. This was so much fun for me and I was able to make some custom pieces that I had been wanting to make. I loved the bright colors and all the bling that we incorporated into the wedding.  This was my first Indian wedding and I hope we do many more in the future!  I loved the culture and seeing all the amazing Sarees the bride/ family / guests wore.
Congrats to Ashish and Anjali- I wish you many years of happiness and lots of fun working together as Doctors in the future. I imagine lots of Greys Anatomy(my favorite show) shenanigans in your future 🙂


I love this picture of them. You can see the joy and love they have for each other.

1044905_10101519699432045_1745703034_n             999454_10151914866562268_854245216_n          62598_10101681340137775_635784140_n

These are the custom centerpieces that I made-


These are the other centerpieces


This is the ceremony backdrop/ Sweet heart table






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