Stones River Country Club is committed to excellence in the service of their members. They are a family-oriented full service club. They will strive to provide the highest quality service and the highest quality facilities. Their mission is to promote a sense of community for everyone associated with Stones River Country Club.

Located on the banks of the historic Stones River, providing social and recreational activities for more than fifty years. It is the premier meeting place in the community.

Providing social and recreational activities for more than fifty years, Stones River Country Club is the place to experience the warmth and friendliness of Murfreesboro.

Our very own Elliott Events Bride had her Wedding at Stones River Country Club!


At Stones River they want your event to be memorable! Their Catering Director and Banquet Manager will work with you on the planning and execution of your event. They also have an excellent Executive Chef and Banquet Chef who can work with you to make your menu special.

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