Okay.. so I’ve been sooooo excited about the new website design since MAY!  Today.. I had doubled checked all the links.. and they were perfect…  but low and behold I upload the whole website.. take off the old one.. and Wal-la!… THEY DONT WORK!! Okay I’m venting.. yes I should invest in a website designer but I’m too stubborn and I know I can do it ! Jeremy showed me how to fix it and I feel like I want to crawl under the carpet and pray for a miracle… uuuggggg links!!!

Okay but besides the venting.. busy week.. last week I went to Lexington Kentucky and did some decorating there. On my way back though I about fell out of the car seat.. there was this massive castle.. I’m talking the giant walls and everything.. Its amazingly awesome!  I didnt see the inside but the outside was so impressive I had to pull over and write the name of it down.   It ended up being a super high class hotel called “The Castle Post”.. and Yes they do weddings there… !  Thats about all I know about it.. If you were looking for a castle to get married at but didnt want to go to another country.. this would be the place..  I tried to post a picture and here is there website.. for your castle destination wedding


This weekend I’m headed up to Cleveland, Ohio to take a “rental type” package there.. Maybe I’ll see some other great destination wedding locations…

Oh yeah… and Hopefully the website will be back to normal soon… or else if its not.. you may be reading my next blog from the looney bin! :-)


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