Our 2nd wedding this week was on Saturday. Dawn had booked with us about 2 years ago. She loved loved loved pink.. so we created a very pink wedding.. I thought it turned out spectacular.. And we heard compliments all night long about the decor..

The crew arrived at the Hilton Hotel in Nashville around 10ish on Friday morning to start unloading.. and start getting everything ready..Our challenge was to create a Ceremony and Reception in the same room without it feeling like the same room.. There were 3 sections in the ballroom.. 1 of the 3 was the Ceremony and after the Ceremony it would be transformed to part of the Reception.. and we had approx 30 minutes to do that.

I thought the Ceremony was breathtaking.. Dawn liked simple yet she still wanted the drama..  The entire room (Reception and Ceremony area) was draped with 270 feet of pipe and around 3,000 silk pink petals for the aisle.. and giant cylinder vases with fresh hot pink and yellow gerberas  lined the aisle.

It was pretty crazy for about 30 minutes after the Ceremony.. they had a cocktail hour in the lobby.. while we cleaned up the ceremony and extended the reception over…  The staff at the hotel helped.. and it was very quick but smooth!

One of the things we tried new was instead of doing place cards (which drives me crazy).. We did a seating “chart”

Now the reason place cards drive me crazy.. Most brides see cute pictures in a magazine.. oh that looks so neat with all the little place cards in neat little rows… Anyways in real life.. those cute little rows get quickly unorganized.. and people then cant find their names..  they are written so little and normally its dim lighting.. then.. you have 100 people crowded around a table.. waiting for others to find their names… uggg its frustrating.. so we thought of this.. we had printed 9 7X9 prints that had last names initials and their table that they were sitting at…. into a nice 24X36 frame and easel..  and then it told what table they were sitting at.. I had my crew ready to show them to the right table..  It went soooo smoothly..and very quickly, I was so happy.. and it ended up costing about as much or even less than place cards do.

As the guests entered into the reception — we had a lounge area..

Lounge Areas at Receptions are getting more and more popular.. we wanted to create something here a little different than what we had done before.. Loved the hot pink and black spandex custom linens that created the giant coffee tables.. we painted a matching stripe around 2 of our black wooden box centerpieces.. then we cut different sizes of a hot pink florescent light bulb covers to create the different size “vases” to put flowers and candles in.. I thought it looked so unique.. love it.. Also had custom made top bench covers done in satin hot pink.

I would love to put all the details on here.. except the blog would be forever long.. check out more pictures of Dawns Wedding on the website!

See More Pictures on the Website under Recent Weddingswww.onesourceweddings.net

I have to mention my crew.. they worked until 4:30a.m. on Friday night.. and on Saturday left at 4:00 a.m. after cleaning up.. The Setup and Cleanup is probably one of the most expensive parts of our packages.. but they are all worth their weight in gold and more!!!   It just wouldnt happen without them!  Another Great Wedding Completed..  Yesterday (Sunday) I slept for about 20 hours straight.. after the crazy week.. went into a small coma!    🙂   But back up and at em today!  Cant wait until the next one!!!

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