(This post is dedicated to Dawn :-) )

So lets talk about what makes a great bridal portrait shoot. Today was Dawn’s Bridal Portrait Shoot, which is the place were Dawn is having her ceremony and reception. A lot of times the location will allow you to shoot a different day before the wedding date at no additional charge if you are getting married there. I highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity! A lot of times you can do the magazine style of pictures and the photographer gets to take their time focused completely on the bride.  Plus, a lot of times the wedding day is so hectic.. and everyone has to stick to a strict schedule.. it can be difficult to say the least..

So today Dawn and her mother got their practice hair and makeup done. Its so important to have an idea of what you want your hair and makeup to look like, but to also have a hair stylist/makeup artist that can re-interpret that to fit your head and face.. and make you look the best you can..  Dawn had brought in several pictures of what she wanted, most of them had bangs.. and I would have cut her some bangs if she wanted..  😉   but I think what we ended up with looked a little different from the pictures but perfect for Dawn…  She looked very glamourishish..  She had never worn false eyelashes before.. (and let me pause here and take a few moments to talk about false eyelashes..  There are sooooo many different styles of lashes and lengths.. and thickness.. they can look completely dramatic and natural at the same time.  Ask your makeup artist if they are familiar with how to put them on.  My sister and I do makeup often.. and she hates to put them on people because they are so difficult.. I love them.. took a lot of practice to learn.. Tip 1: Dont  get them too close to the area of your eyelid beside your nose.. Tip 2: put eyeshadow and eyeliner on before you put the false eyelashes on..this will make your natural ones and the line from the false ones go together.. and not seem like 2 seperate sets of eyelashes.. you also dont want to pick eyelashes that are thick and exactly straight across at the edges.. these do look fake and halloweenish.. you want some that have long and short pieces in them.. Sallys has a great selection of eyelashes.. make sure you try them out before the wedding day.. there is nothing worse than a eyelash poking you in the eyeball all day long…  or eyelashes that go way too far out and pinch the folds of your laughlines together..But to me they just seem to accent the eyes and they are my favorite part of the makeup session that seems to completly transform everyone..)

Marlene (Dawns mom) said ” Wow I have eyes!”  It was hilarious.. I love to see peoples reactions when they first see themselves..

Dawn liked her makeup and her hair.. her mom, I was worried about because she kept telling me , she would tell me if she didn’t like it.. which is great with me.. I hate it when someone says… Thank you I like my hair.. then the stylist turns around and they say behind her back… I hate it… uggg..  If they would tell the truth.. we could fix it easily.. too big.. too flat.. too curly… those are all things you can fix.. thats why the practice is so good.. so you have that opportunity to get it right..  Marlene liked hers also… I was very pleased with both of their looks… can’t wait to see them in the pics..

The Bridal Shoot went great.. Jeremy of course is the best photographer in the world.  Dawn and Jeremy said they saw Little Richie walk in the lobby.. she did her best to make him take a picture of her with him the background of one of her shots… Very Funny..

Oh, Also bring some crackers and bottled water..to the shoot.. Dawn was getting a little woozy cause she hadnt ate all day.. and Jeremy is actually very good at catching when brides are feeling that way.. because he see’s it so often!  Its ok to EAT before the shoot! We got some from the restuarant.. and she survived!  The shoot time alltogether was about 4 hours from the time we started the makeup till the end of the shoot..  We were fortunate in that everything was all at one location, but add drive time into that, and it can be quite a while between meals.

We had a blast, I hope they both did! We will see Jeremy pictures soon! And see what the great bridal portrait shoot looked like!

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