So what most people don’t know is actually how many other wedding planners and brides use us all over the world… This week got an email from a wedding planner in Guam.. she’s wanting some fabric for draping.. silk flowers.. petals.. products that we use a lot…  And its not a problem for us at all!  Just shipping is the only additional thing you have extra to worry about.. Last year we helped with a wedding that took place in Kenya, Africa.. we sent flowers.. helped them with designing the reception.. helped with fabric choices.. I sent a setup kit with zip ties…clippers.. everything they would need… because who knows how close a Lowes or Wal-Mart is!  And I believe it worked out great!  We have shipped silk bouquets all over the United States.. just sent a high quality silk flower cake topper to California last week to a bakery that wants to start using us for their clients… and the baker said she didnt just like it, she loved it!  Which is what we love to hear.. And yes, we do love to help out other wedding planners and offer our services.. …and the planners know the quality of what we send is something they are proud to present to their clients.. We sell pretty much everything that we do… and I dont mind helping out other planners… When I started.. the planners I tried to talk to wouldnt give me the time of day.. and it was so frustrating trying to figure things out through trial and error… and if I would have had a mentor from Cal-a-ma-zoo or wherever.. just to have someone to ask questions.. or to get advice from.. or to find where to get product from… it would have been so much easier for me… so I want to be known not only for what we offer to brides.. but what we can offer to wedding planners also…

Maybe, some people think they are too far away.. but with email and cell phones(texting of course)(and picture phones)… nowdays its a lot easier than you think… and a little piece of One Source Weddings is all around the world! We ARE world-renowed and the world just doesnt know it yet!

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