This last week was interesting. Had flu all week.. Thankfully no wedding this weekend or I would have been in duckbutter! But Thursday I had an email, it was a bride that we did their wedding last year and she said she wanted to surprise her hubby with a great 1st year anniversary. She had hired a car to take them out to dinner and she wanted us to sneak into the house after they left and create flower arrangements and petals and candles leading into the bedroom and tons of candles in the bedroom.. She gave me a good budget and 1 day.. Had to be complete in Friday and we had 2 hours to do it in. So on Friday rushed to my flower provider and got some great flowers and dogwood branches.. Got tons of candles.. Then we were waiting for them to leave and I kinda felt like a stalker or a detective on a stake out… Oh by the way, I would be a horrible detective.. I kept watching the clock turn each minute.. My ADD really kicked in… Then after they left we rushed in and then I kinda felt like I was breaking into someones house.. It was a little weird at first, but we got into high gear pretty quickly and created 7 arrangements and tons of petals and candles… Then she text me right before they came back home and we went outside… I was so scared about all the candles during that 5 minutes we were outside.. But thankfully nothing caught on fire. It was a first for me but it turned out looking so romantic!!

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