This weekend has been crazy.. we are at lost river cave in bowling green kentucky and we have had 3 brides split the decor package.. I’ll post pictures later..
They all 3 wanted the ceiling draping.. so on Thursday we set up the draping.. took total of 12 hours and while we were there we laid out all the fabric and different lengths…

let me back up for a second.. normally at every drape job we do, we bring all our trash cans full of fabric (Thats how we store them). We wrote on the bottoms of a lot of them what lengths they were but its hard to see what they are when we are putting up… so needless to say they are all mixed up and we have to bring all the containers on every job.

soo back to the cave… we pulled out all the fabric and Melissa had a brillant idea.. she said wendy lets spray each end of the fabrics with a color.. so now all the 75 foot pieces have red, all the 50 ft pieces have purple… its a genius idea.. and we sprayed the cans with the length on top and stripe around the outside.. its so easy now to know where the fabric goes… whoo hoo.

So thursday we did the ceiling draping – The friday bride had the draping and lighting and they brought everything else in,

The Saturday bride has a little more..

And the big shabang wedding is tomorrow.. but since everything has just been a little bit more and more each day.. not a bad thing at all! Im rested .. its worked out well.

Ok now on to our little orchid situation…

I have awesome latex orchids that we use quite often .. they are super expensive orchids but they look just like the real ones and we can reuse.. well.. we got here in kentucky and no one can find them… I sent my husband to my shop back in TN and he couldnt find them.. my assistant couldnt find them.. we cannot find them!! so this morning I called my flower place back in TN and luckly got some real white orchids…and my wonderful husband brought them to me but now problem 2- how can we make them stay under the water. fresh flowers float..I went to Wal-Mart got a few different kinds of fishing sinkers… I put 2 sinkers together with wire and with the wire sticking out and then covered everything with flower tape. Then I stuck the straight piece of wire up into the flower and it held.. AND it worked.. the flowers stayed under the water! Great!

In hotel, thought I’d do a little blogging.. now time to get some rest for tomorrows big day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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