Just a quick hello to one source weddings fans. I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging lately…the last 2 months…I just kept more tired and more overwhelmingly tired each week…these past 2 weeks, I just had a collapse. I couldn’t lift my head out of bed and felt like all the blood was drained from my body and like all my muscles turned to moosh. And my mood went way low! I called the doctor scared to death and they ran blood tests on me and said I had extreme adrenal fatigue and all my hormone levels were really low… So tonight was really the first night I’ve lifted up my head in about 2 1/2 weeks…. Being this exhausted and tired is worse than just being plain sick! I’m on 4 different hormones now and hopefully on the road back to normal! Not there yet…Luckily Im in the middle of no weddings….so if it was going to happen…now was a good time… I’m getting behind on a LOT but I can only physically do so much until these levels come back up….. That’s all of the update for now…ttyl

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