Well, I’m just tickled pink! I had jumped up and down for about 15 minutes yesterday…… let me back up a tad… for about a month I’ve been complaining about how in appointments I couldn’t find pictures quickly and I didn’t have a lot of the pictures of the locations.. and when I would go to find a picture in 1 of my 8 books that have thousands of pictures in them… I was sooo frustrated.. so yesterday when I came home my husband said he had something that I would love…. He handed me an IPAD! ooooo I started screaming and jumping and giving him a million kisses… (okay not all exactly, but close) I couldn’t wait to start putting everything on it..

So now after about 10 hours of work… I am starting to have all my pictures organized, where the bride comes in and says I want a location in Franklin.. boom… I have all the franklin locations within 60 seconds that I can show her… or if a bride comes in that says… I would like a barn type wedding.. boom.. within 60 seconds i can show her since I have them organized by city or by type of venue..

Then if she says I don’t know what type of bouquet to get….boom…. instantly I have all my bouquets pulled up… and then I also have them organized by color..

Photography, even videos, catering pictures, catering menus… Package examples… oh my oh my… how did I exist without this!!!!

Oh one more thing… I always draw for the client… that way they can visualize it.. there is a professional drawing app on here that I can draw fine details.. add color.. BOOM print on a wifi network.. send immediately through email.. to my crew…

Amazing amazing… and I’m just barely getting started on it! Cant wait to show it at the next new client appointment!!!

All for now..
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