This past weekend we did a wedding at the Middle Tennessee Realtors Association Building. Otherwise known as MTAR.  We did a wedding there a long time ago..and we get a lot of calls from that wedding but I really wanted to do something great with it this time.. and really create a wow factor..

We draped the entire room with a new drape design, purple lighting on the walls and the a gobo design on the ceiling and the initial gobo on the floor.. Using a few tall centerpieces and some Bubble Bowl Centerpieces… The room looked spectacular! See the before and after pictures below!

By using lighting we created a totally different room.

The ceiling was too low to draping.. but creating the lighting effect

on the ceiling from 3 different angles in the room…

I think it just transformed it completely!

17 tables – 250 guests there.. The wedding turned out great!

To see more pictures of what we did here.. just click here!

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