This past weekend was crazy.. but I wanted to share with you a simple thing we did for the pews at the Ceremony that turned out great..

We needed something for this bride on the ends of the pews that were not as expensive as we normally do. A lot of times we will do connect drapery or unconnected drapery. We wanted something like the unconnected drapery. But not that price.. Which normally runs around $45 – $75 per pew depending on the fabric and flowers that we use. This time we simply took 2 chair ties, 7″ wide, Plum Satin and zip tied those around the pew end. The we looped about 5 inches back up and zip tied it again… separated those loops.. kinda looked like a bow.. and then placed a silk white hydrangea in the top. We ended up doing 28 pews and 2 altar arrangements in 1 hour. So it was fast also.. Turned out looking great. I thought I’d share.. should be something anyone can do.. any may cost you anywhere from $10 – $20 depending on the type of chair tie you use and the type of flower… Good Luck! Go For It! And if you do, do it.. email me and let me know!

Pew end decorations

Plum satin pew end decorationscloseup on the pew end

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