Well Wedding Location Hunting is probably one of the first things you start doing when you are engaged.. We’ve come across a lot over the past few years.. and I thought I would compile a list of my favorites and insert here any info that I can remember..

Well My Number 1 Favorite Location is in Bowling Green Ky called the Lost River Cave (See our wedding we did there here) It was like a fairy tale setting. The cave is set in a ravine (not sure if I spelled that correctly) but the wedding we did here was in September about 85-90 degrees.. and I ended up wearing a sweatshirt in the cave to setup because it was about 10-15 degrees cooler.. which I thought was really neat.. It has tons of great areas to take pictures.. Jeremy Binns Photography took the pictures.. and I loved every one of them.  I think the price range to rent was around $1,500 could be  more or less.. but its worth it!  If I was to ever get married again.. thats were I would go!

I think after we did this wedding here.. they started draping the roof of the cave.. The chandelier is gorgeous there but adding the touch of drapery makes it very elegant in the setting of nature…

My next favorite place to do weddings is The Factory in Franklin, TN at Jamison Hall.

(See more pictures of a wedding One Source Weddings did there)

Its large enough to have a large wedding and still feel comfortable.. I can drape it so many different ways.. I love doing the tunnel here..and the people are really nice to work with. You can have alcohol and outside catering.. The cost I believe is around $2,600 .. somewhere around that.And Pictures by my lovely hubby Jeremy Binns

Next Favorite is Cedars of Lebanon – Cedar Lodge – Lebanon, TN

(See more pictures of the wedding One Source Weddings did at Cedar Lodge)

Now the wedding we did there had a budget of $9,000 for 12 guests.. so we really got to create something spectacular in a small location and it was in March which was freezing here, and it had 2 wood fireplaces and it just added to the intimacy of the moment.. I think the location is around $100 – $150  a day.. we got it for 2 days I think… It was one of my favorite small weddings. I loved the fresh flower roses and fresh orchids centerpiece… just sooo romantic!

Next Favorite is the Scarritt Bennett Center or Whitman Chapel – Nashville, TN

(See Lizas Wedding at Scarritt Bennet…more pictures)

This is one of those cathedral old turn of the century.. you feel like your in a king arthur movie.. location. All the stone and arches.. and windows.. its just breathtaking.. one of the best Ceremony locations in Nashville.. Now the problem is you need to book 2 years in advance.. or thats how it is with most of the brides that have booked with us.  Now there are a few things to be aware of .. last I heard it was about $1,500 – $1,800 to rent for 4 hours.. now thats 4 hours to arrive, unload, decorate, have pictures, have the ceremony, and cleanup.. not a lot of time.. we normally charge double for the crew because we normally have to unload and decorate in 45 minutes.. which is crazy crazy crazy.. but the location is great.. Jeremy loves it.. oh and make sure to take advantage of the free bridal portrait shooting if you book it. Here are several weddings that we have done there..

Here are some bridal portraits done there by Jeremys Binns Photography

Okay next favorite… hmmmm this is getting more difficult..Okay I have to say the wedding we just did a few weeks ago at The Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, TN turned out pretty spectacular..Had that wooden feel.. but it was right smack in the middle of Nashville.. so the guests also got to experience the Nashville experience!

See more pictures of  The Cannery Ballroom Wedding We Created..

I liked the tunnel going from the front entry to the main ballroom.. the draping and centerpieces that were created.. I like how we put the benches around the dance floor.. and the aqua and brown color scheme was my favorite of any of that color scheme that we had done..  The last I heard the approx cost to rent was $3,250

Oh I cant forget the Hilton Hotel Downtown Nashville – I love the people there that I have worked with! And both weddings we created there I think turned out awesome.. Again downtown Nashville.. Now remember with hotels you do have to use their catering and bartending so they will have a minimum.. I think the Hiltons.. if I remember correctly.. was around a minimum of $10,000. Heres 2 different weddings we did there all at the same location.. one we used the veranda and the other was just a regular part of the hotel ballroom..

And this was the other wedding there.. I called it the pink wedding

And if your talking about hotels.. I better not forget Union Station Downtown Nashville

And the Hermitage Hotel Downtown Nashville..

Both of these start off at $16,000 minimum and up… ( I think)These weddings were both several years ago.. my brain is a little bit foggy..

Now another downtown nashville location that I love that most people dont realize that they can rent.. is the war memorial plaza.. The wedding we had planned there.. that day it was raining so we had to do it under the side areas  in the upper plaza… but if you can brave the thought of rain.. the plaza is only $60 per day to rent! Unbelievable right!   I’ve got some just plain location pictures and one of the ceremony we did there.. (the stairs picture and fountains I cant find.. sorry)

One of the churches we do a lot in.. maybe not one of my favorite locations.. but it is one of my favorite small transformations..  Was the Childrens church at fresh vision church in Smyrna, TN.. took me 3 days to do.. but loved the finished look. The Children’s church rented for $300

Another huge transformation.. not my favorite location.. but again a favorite transformation.. took us 5 days to setup was the Shelbyville Armory in Shelbyville TN

Well folks thats my location reviews for now.. I try to post blogs about new locations found all the time.. (got some blogs that were accidentally deleted a few months back.. so I will try and replace those soon!  Make sure to visit our website at www.OneSourceWeddings.net often to see what we are doing!

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