Well just a quick rundown on wedding today.. Well had a little drama this morning. Went to go get my stephanotis stems and went in the shop and they were all wilted, we sprayed them with too much water, that is why you always get an extra pack.. Just in case.. Then wires got mixed up at the rental place (not my fault) and they sent us 7 half size 6 foot tables instead of the normal 6 foots which we were using for the guest tables(2 six foots put together)… So thank God again our rental place is opened on Saturdays. Had to send my guy back to rental… Close one.. Could have been a total disaster.
At the reception location (the cannery ballroom in Nashville, TN) we had 5 hours to do a tunnel, ceiling draping, wall draping, chuppah, custom uplighting and dance floor lighting, custom covered benches and 19 custom cocktail tables linen setup, 5 guest tables super large fresh flower centerpieces, 2 large catering centerpieces, and the bridal bouquet and grooms bout. — I had a crew of 13 and they totally kicked butt and we got it done on schedule! We totally rocked! Then we even danced with the guests a little, I even learned to do the stanky leg. One of my girls has a whole routine down to toosie roll, that’s my next goal to learn. Lol! Crew finished loading and unloading at our shop at 12:45am… I got home and my leg bones (weird leg issues) were hurting so bad I took a perceset (not sure how to spell) well it’s barely taking off the pain… but it’s keeping me totally WIDE awake. Ugggg and it’s now 1:30. Last night I had 4 hours of sleep, so I thought surely my body knows it’s exhausted surely it won’t keep me up… Well I was wrong… I’m most certainly up… If I’m awake much longer I might as well go upload the new pictures to the website… Or I could slowly turn up the volume on the tv and try to watch some of my shows I dvr’ed without waking Jeremy… Hmmmm…

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