A few tips on the bouquet we did this weekend (which we did videotape the how to for the videodownloads link)

We used fresh white hydrangea, white mini callas, white ranunculus flowers.

White hydrangea: always order extras, sometimes you’ll have a wilty one so make sure you order extra.. Now if you do get a wilty looking one turn it upside in a bucket of water and it can rehydrate

White stephanotis with diamonds. I try to order an extra box of stephanotis just in case… I don’t charge the bride for the extra box and it’s not guaranteed but stephanotis are a special ordered flower wholesale floral places normally don’t carry extra. Don’t use these until the last minute possible. Don’t spray them with lots of water.. We put diamond centers in the middle of the stephanotis. Love the bling

Callas: they don’t like a lot of water so don’t feel up a bucket and put them in it.. Or the stems will get all mushy and it will be ruint.

Ranunculus: like em, not love em.. Not to much info on these from experience. I don’t use them that often..

We put diamond bouquet buckles on the handle which I loved also!

Well those are your tips for our bouquet we just made and look for the training video to be uploaded to our store soon!

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