One of brides’ biggest worries is the day of timeline. Will you have enough time for 11 girls to have their hair and makeup done? What about pictures? Will you feel rushed between the ceremony and reception? Well, ladies! Below is a day of timeline from one of my past brides. Remember, unhealthy the times are completely dependent on YOUR wedding day. This is just an example of how your day would flow. Elliott_Events_Day_of_Timeline
10:30 AM Hair and makeup team arrives to set up
11:00 AM Bridesmaids start with Hair and Make Up
2:00 PM Photographer arrives at bridal party preparation location
3:00 PM Bride is dressed and ready for Bridal Portraits
3:15 PM Bridal portraits begin
3:15 PM Limo picks up groom for first look
4:00 PM First Look
4:30 PM Limo picks up bridal party
4:45 PM Bridal party pictures begin
5:30PM Family pictures
6:00PM Guests begin to arrive at ceremony
6:30 PM Finish photos
7:00 PM Ceremony begins
7:30 PM Ceremony ends
7:45 PM Guests arrive and appetizers are served
8:10 PM Bridal party introductions
8:15 PM First Dance for bride and groom
8:15 PM Salads are set at tables during first dances
8:30 PM Dinner is Served
9:15 PM Toasts with Cake cutting to follow
9:30 PM Dance party
10:15 PM Garter/ Bouquet Toss
11:45 PM Last dance and sparkler exit