The weather was beautiful yesterday I decided to take a break and go bike riding and run our boxer dog w me on a leash. The dog whisper makes it look so easy. Well, I started going down a hill and Chloe took off running hard and I was going to brake. Wasn’t thinking the left brake brakes the front wheel. Front locked up and I went flying over the handlebars face first into the concrete. Thought I might have had a concussion, we were watching that all night..we knew something was wrong w my arm…but I didn’t want to go to the ER. Was at doctors all day today getting x-rays. can’t move my right arm at all due to a broken elbow – lots of pulled muscles, bruises and some lovely road rash all over. I’m right handed so im learning how to be left handed for the next 6 weeks.. not easy!
But I’m thankful I didn’t break my neck! It could have been a lot worse.

I’m also so thankful I have an incredible team of workers that I can count on to step it up when something like this happens. I’ll be able to direct them..but they’ve got it all under control.

But this weekends wedding should be interesting… Or at least how it all comes together will be interesting…

Oh and if you’d like to work some weddings in the next 6 weeks just email us!

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