Tuesdays will be the new day for wedding tips! We are starting this off with 5 things to ask your wedding planner. These are questions that should probably be asked before any contracts are signed! You want to be sure that your planner is going to be taking care of the things you need taken care of…and as we discussed last week, duties and responsibilities do differ among different types of planners. Make sure you are getting what you need by asking these 5 questions: 


1. Are your wedding planning services purely logistical, view such as handling timelines and floor plans, or do they also include design aspects, such as bringing our vision of the wedding alive through draping, lighting, floral design, and any other styling of the venue?

2. Do you handle set up and clean up the day of the wedding?

3. Will it be you or another planner on our wedding day? Will there be any assistants or a team?

4. Aside from making final decisions, are there any aspects of the planning that we will be responsible for handling?

5. Will you be involved in the rehearsal dinner or any special brunches or lunches planned?

Now, these 5 questions only skim the surface of questions that should be asked while interviewing wedding planners. These questions refer directly to responsibilities of the planner during the planning process and on the day of the wedding.

When you set up a consultation with Elliott Events, I make sure to cover all of the answers to these questions while we are discussing what you want for your wedding!