So it’s been a while since Ive told you what one source weddings is, so let me share from the heart.

When I started One Source Weddings I really wanted it to be a unique place that brides could go to and get the best of the best of everything at one place.. It took a few years just to find those “best of the best” but after 9 years now we’ve got it!

When a bride comes into our office, she may or may not have a location, we start getting her input on what she’s looking for then in 2 hours we can design a full custom package based on her budget. She gets the decor for the ceremony and the reception, not just chair covers and centerpieces, but ceiling draping and custom lighting, the bouquet package, we design a photography package to for her needs, videography, the wedding cake, catering, the dj…. And after she leaves her entire package is design and budgeted!

We have done 100’s of weddings In the past 9 years. We love every single minute of it! Yes we’ve had lots of learning experiences of what to do and examples of what not to do. We are constantly striving to be a better wedding company and always try to acheive the level if excellence! If you look at our photos online.. You’ll see it’s constantly evolving Into something greater and greater each year!

Well that’s a little bit about us!

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