Where to begin… We had draping up in the gazebo (thurs)..Rehearsal night we got halfway through it and all of a sudden the wind ripped the drapings off the columns and started blowing them everywhere and rain blew into the gazebo and stormed crazy… So Fri(wedding day/today) we cut the hanging arms off the draping and had the ceiling draping and this giant flower centerpiece in the ceiling.. All the flower arrangements were beautiful.. Ceremony setup perfect.. Weather perfect… Bouquets, bride.. Everything perfect.. Ceremony supposed to start at 6:00.. 5 minutes before the ceremony started a huge storm cloud came over and we said let’s hurry and go ahead and start.. I asked all the guests to go ahead and take a seat.. Then the wind started blowing.. Blew down the centerpieces… Then the rain started.. The bridal party was 175 feet away from the ceremony area in a building that they had to walk outside… We waited for the rain to let up.. It was barely drizziling and I said go! The whole bridal party except maid if honor and bride were walking down got halfway and it started pouring!! They all took off running.. We were stuck still in building with bride and one of my crew said I don’t mind getting wet let’s take the pop up tent and have them get in the middle and 4 of us can carry it with them underneath to the gazebo.. So my crew stood in the pouring rain to get the bride to the ceremony.. Now let me pause a moment and say this bride was incredible she said I’m not afraid to get wet..she had the best attitude I could ever imagine.. Well they got thru the ceremony I ran in the building and got my wireless Bose speaker because lighting stuck and the electric went out.. Got my iPhone and I had the song they were walking out on

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