How did you get into the catering business?

My husband, has been a gourmet chef in Nashville for 20 years. He was the Executive Chef of the Wildhorse Saloon for 8 years, and the Executive Chef for Levy Restaurants at the Sommet Center (now the Bridgestone Arena) with the Nashville Predators for six. We met and fell in love, and shortly after, The Chef and I was born. My degree is in public relations and marketing, and together, we knew we would make a successful team and start something amazing. With a lot of support and hard work, we were right.

What are the types of events you enjoy working most?

We love catering our interactive events, in which the chef is cooking in front of guests, explaining what he is doing, maybe even letting a few guest be ‘hands on’. We do interactive elements at weddings, wine pairing dinners, corporate events, music video shoots and much more.

Tell me about one of the most memorable events your business has been a apart of.

There have been several that we really enjoyed-we cook often for the Nashville Predators privately, and enjoy doing the team’s big Halloween party each year. Seeing the hockey players dress up was unforgettable. We also enjoyed working on several country music stars videos, and loved a recent wedding we did with Elliott Events for Leah + Charles at Ruby. It was just like us: elegance meets rock n’ roll.

Why do you enjoy working with Elliott Events?

We really enjoy our partnership with Elliott Events because Tiffanie Elliott is a very knowledgeable professional who really does care about her clients. We like that she gets excited about each event and wedding just like we do. We like working with people who share our level of passion and excitement, and we always tell brides that they have the ‘dream team’ when they work with Elliott Events and The Chef and I Catering!

What’s your favorite part of a wedding?

For us, because of our role in the wedding, it’s the part when the bride and groom get to actually sit down for a quick moment and enjoy the food. We hardly do any advertising, because our culinary experience sells itself-other members of the wedding fall in love with us just like the bride and groom did, and commend the chef on his food. Often we are told that it is the best food they’ve ever had at a wedding! Also, one of our favorite parts is when they say ‘I do’ and they are announced for the first time as man and wife. That was our favorite part when the chef and I got married, and we are so in love and really enjoy seeing others who are just as in love as we are. We embrace every moment! After all, life is short. Might as well be delicious.