David  with FADDS Entertainment
How did you get the idea for a mobile DJ business?

After developing and starting the Fadds Party Bus business back in the 90’s i realized the importance of quality entertainment aboard our buses was job one. As the years went by started doing more than just party bus parties and moved into the Mobile DJ market.

Now over 15 years later Mobile DJ Entertainment is all i do and enjoy every day.

What are the types of events you enjoy working the most?

The easy answer to what events i like to work the most is ALL OF THEM. Weddings i guess are the best because there is a great feeling you have when you help that young couple start their life together.

Tell me about one of the most memorable events your business was part of. Most Memorable events. WOW there is so many Each event i do has it’s special purpose and little unique place in my heart.

One that comes to mind is watching a daddy daughter dance a few years ago with a bride that looks similar to my own daughter.

I lost it like a baby. Guess i have no chance of keeping it together when it is my turn to dance with the bride.

Why do you enjoy working with Elliott Events?

Elliott events and Fadds Entertainment have enjoyed a great relationship for many years. I like the professionalism Tiffanie brings to each event. I can always rely on a beautiful ceremony or reception setup if Elliott events is at the event. Proud to call Tiffanie my friend and preferred vendor.

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

My favorite part of a wedding is when dinner is done and everyone in on the floor dancing. It allows me to serve the bride and groom the best when i see them dancing and having a great time with family and friends.