Just posted on our store a new USED section.

If we have items for sale that have been used by us then that is the link we will post on.

Right now we have 20 par 64 can lights – black for sale

It’s the complete light unit minus the lamp, with c clamp and gel frame.
Looks awesome, not all bent up and beat up.

I recommend getting the 500 watt light instead of 1,000 if you are wanting to get more wattage per circuit. (or more lights without blowing a breaker)

We’ve used this kind of light for uplighting for the past 7 years. Really durable and affordable. These sell new for $125 each without bulb. So it’s a great deal too.

Here is the link to purchase. We only have 20 in stock.. And they will go quick!

used spotlight link – click here

osw official website

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