So here’s a little bit about the life of Wendy.

I’ve started on a new weight loss journey. I’ve struggled for the past 7 years with a thyroid that has stopped working. And it’s caused all sorts of problems.. Last year I started going to a horomone clinic and things have finally started to straighten out but I’ve got about 70 pounds of unwanted weight that has arrived during those 7 years. Doing what we do and being as busy as we are you’d think I’d be skinny as a rail. But it’s not the case. So I struggle a lot w dieting and no results or results that are tiny little bits and it’s discouraging.

So the clinic has just started offering the hcg shots.. Can’t go into it here.. Google it.. 🙂 but it sounds incredible. People on my facebook have talked so highly of it.. And weight loss is quick and permanent. 1/2 pound to a pound a day.
The clinic has picked me to be a “poster child” for the clinic. If I will promise to go by the strict guidelines they will cover all the thus I have promised!

I have to do a 2 week detox where I’m getting all the sugar out and no diet cokes (which I love).. 1,000 calories a day. Today is day two.. And I’m still alive! It will be about 2-3 weeks before the shot… But I’m excited and determined. I always say man we would have the best tv show out there if I could only look tv good….. Well I totally will look tv good pretty soon! I’ll keep this blog posted every few weeks on my new weight loss journey…

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