So our day began today with Jeremy headed to go load the van with all the show stuff.. (we are at the nashvilles southern womens show)..and I got a phone call “Wendy the van key is in your vehicle, I can’t load till you get here”… Uggg

Then I had worked yesterday for 3 hours on a huuuuuge fresh flower arrangement 400 roses, 150 callas and 100 freesia stems.. Well, I was so excited about creating it I didn’t think out the transporting issue.. Jeremy couldn’t pick it up by himself.. He said it easily weighed over 100 pounds.. Lol..

Then we finally got it in the van, and it fell over.. So I called my flower wholesaler and got 50 more roses to fix the messed up ones..

After waiting in line for 2 hours to get into the show we finally got to set it up! And I think it turned out great!

If your in the Nashville area I think our booth number is 604 (or somewhere close to that)

And the giant arrangement even survived!

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