Let’s talk about photography! Being the wedding designer for the entire wedding, I get to see points of view from everyone involved! Especially my husband-our photographer! Here’s his site so you know who we are talking about (Jeremy Binns Photography)

Now I would never say it directly to a bride, but if they only knew how much better the pictures would be if they saw each other beforehand they would be crazy to not do it… But I don’t have a crystal ball to let them see the future..and we aim to please!

So let me set the scene for you..
Bride is freshly just got her makeup done, hair done, fresh flower bouquet is perfect, a little anxiety happening, excited and ready to begin the day… Photographer takes a few pictures of the bride just so she can start to loosen up… Then he has a chosen private spot that he stands her at, if music can be played, music is playing… Bride has her eyes closed… Groom gets led in by the coordinator with his eyes closed.. Jeremy let’s them hold hands… And at the count of three they open their eyes and see each other for the first time that day.. Instantly the anxiety goes away, they are excited and the excitement shines through in all the pictures.. Hey they want to take an hour or hour and half and go somewhere unique or a park.. They are relaxed and there pictures are unique also! After the couple pictures which is the first thing shot of the day.. Then the full bridal party.. Then back to the ceremony location where the families join… Everything then stops 1 hour before the ceremony so the bride can get out of her dress for a few, relax eat.. Then get freshened up and the ceremony begins…
After the ceremony just the older grandmothers or family that couldn’t get there before takes a picture with the bride and groom– maybe a total of 10 minutes? The guests are not waiting for an hour and getting anxious.. Your not stressed… It’s now party at the reception time!

Now how wonderful does that sound!

Contrast that for seeing each other for the first time as you walk down the aisle in the ceremony…by the time the ceremony is over hair and makeup is not as fresh, your kinda wore out from the morning, and from the anxiety of not seeing the groom till walking down the aisle. You really don’t have a private moment together until way later in the evening(like your hotel room (wink wink)… Your bouquet, not looking so hot now.. And you’ve got that really loud aunt that keeps saying when are we going to be done! Uncle Joe needs to eat or he’s gonna pass out, how many more pictures?!! …first you’ll take pictures with the whole family, then you two with the immedient family, then you two with the bridal party and FINALLY after minimum of 30-45 minutes it’s finally you two by yourself… Normally the guy wants about 4 Picts and he’s ready to go..

Now Jeremy is a brillant photographer and does an incredible job and somehow he makes it work but more often than not the above picture storys are what I observe!

And that’s my photography comments of the day about seeing each other before the wedding!

Go for it! I know you won’t be dissappointed!

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