4:00 P.M. – So today began at 4:30 this morning. We got the reception decorations done at 11 then headed to ceremony to decorate… It was raining the whole day then about 1:00 it started REALLY coming down.. Took me 2 hours to go a 25 minute drive. I was scared to death on the interstate… You could see the water rising all around..and the big mac trucks keep making waterfalls over my mini van… It was soooo scary!!! About 10 minutes after I got home on the news they closed down the town right next to us because of the flooding, and 3 main interstates were closed. I knew the ceremony was supposed to start at 2:30 and my girl that was there said out of the estimated 250 guest count, she counted 25 people there at time to start…then more came in later… But the problem now is for them to get from ceremony to reception they are supposed to be on the interstate that is closed due to rushing water over the interstate…. I feel so bad for her….I wonder what will happen… I’ll find out and keep you updated!

Update- 5:34 the picture attached is the area the bride and guests have to go through to get to reception. .. Just watched in news where a mobile home got loose and went down the river which was I-24 and hit cars and disenigrated… Oh my lord.. This is the crazest wedding day ever!!

6:15- somehow the bride has made it to the reception!!!!! Now just the guests!

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