This week we are getting ready for the workshop in Friday and Saturday. Lots to do to get ready for actually takes about as much work as a wedding for the setup, making sure all the wholesale info is updated, just a ton to do! I love workshops, they don’t make near as much profit as a wedding, but I don’t do it for the money. It’s just really awesome to get to share my knowledge with others that are just starting out like I was. I never had anyone that would share or give me pointers when I started and I would have been so grateful for it.. So we have been doing this now going on 3 years and each workshop is so special because the people are so special. And I learn from them too!

Ooops and sorry haven’t updated the website yet. Just have had a gazilljon appointments and sign ons and invoices to write up and locations to go see…and NO time to update website!!! Trying to do some today!!

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