Now this workshop we are hosting we are doing a special of 2 for 1. We have a lot of married couples that come to the workshop and the husband who probably normally does help at the weddings… cant come.. or assistants of the designer need to see also what the designer is learning..  Anyways we decided to hold a special 2 for 1 price for just those type of people.The price of one person is $800 so its like your only paying $400 each instead of $800 each! A 50% discount!

We teach how to do ceiling draping, lighting, simple centerpiece ideas, pricing, and how to sale your product, .. the whole kit and caboodle

We share it all and its a hands on workshop so your not just hearing about it.. you are doing it yourself!

Plus its a TON of fun.. you can find out more at this link…

One Source Weddings – Wedding Designers Workshop Information

If you know this sounds exactly like what you are looking for then go ahead and register!

Register Here For Wedding Workshops

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