This week we have already 3 different inquires for traveling packages. Got invited to maybe teach a workshop in the virgin islands. Got a inquiry to help a wedding designer, that is going to be a workshop attendee coming up soon, put up her first ceiling draping in Florida, and got a call from a bride in California about wall draping! So looks like we are doing a lot more traveling!

Lots of people forget that we travel!
We don’t charge as many arms and legs as you might think. :-) and we LOVE to help wedding designers that are just starting out…..

We are not your typical no secret telling company… We find joy in helping others. No one would help us or give us any info when we first started and it was so frustrating and i wished so bad i had someone to talk to and someone to ask questions to… And no one in this area really “shares”. We want to go against the norm and really be that company that you can connect to. Now we don’t just talk and tell over the phone… But the videos we have for sale and our workshops are so informative and helpful! And once you’ve come to a workshop we consider you part of the one source family and we will help you out any way we can!!

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