This was definitely a platinum wedding setup! The ceremony (I will try to post the pictures tomorrow) was the most spectacular ceremony I’ve ever designed. The entire room, walls and ceiling were completely draped, took about 420 yards of fabric, we created a design of petals down the aisle that was breathtaking! I’m serious this ceremony was the best ceremony I’ve ever designed-hands down!! The hours I spent on Monday figuring out the design on the aisle and the marking it was totally worth it.
The reception was pretty breathtaking too! The lighting was wonderful I did finally figure out how to use the computer to control my lighting. I had seen a segment on platinum weddings that when the bride and groom came into the first dance where they did a dry ice machine.. Well I thought.. I could totally do that.. And boy did we do it! I think ours was better! The lighting was purple and when they went to the first dance everything, the entire room, slowly faded to dark blue lighting and suddenly they were dancing in a cloud… It was amazing, amazing,amazing. Very fairytale!
At the end the mom came up to me and said “right now the words won’t come, but I’ll find them to tell you how wonderful this has been” she said when they walked into the room she said it just took her breath away.. And then she started crying… It was so precious.. I felt like all the hard work and craziness of the last few days was worth it.. At that single moment. Now is almost midnight.. My crew is still cleaning up and my husband traded me so I could come home and get some rest before I have to get up tomorrow and play music for my church..thank you babe… Okay falling into bed now… This has been such a roller coaster week of emotions and my legs hurt so bad I can’t walk and I’m probably going to be sore for the next few days….but I’m so fulfilled inside and so proud of everyone.. What the workshop did and what my crew accomplished…I’m so proud I figured out these new lights… I’m going to bed very sore but super happy!

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