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Even though it seems we’ve done a ton of weddings at a gazillion different places, the Nashville area is one of those places where locations seem to pop up all over the place.  I try to keep up to date on all of the new wedding hot spots for several reasons.

First, we are able to help our clients find the best location for their event.  We keep a section on our website just for locations.  If you’re still trying to plan your event, you’ll definitely want to visit the location section of our site.  (www.onesourceweddings.net then just click on the location link)  We post pictures and information most of the event sites around Nashville and some beyond.

Secondly, before we can really plan any event at any location, it is a necessity to visit that location.  We need to know the dimensions, the accessibility, the kitchen, and too many other less interesting details to mention here.  🙂  When you, as a bride, come to meet with us, we usually have already visited or often even hosted an event at the location you have chosen.  This saves you a lot of time, and we can typically plan the majority of an event in one consultation.  Our brides loves this.

So here’s a short account of some location hunting from the past week…

I have a bride – that wants to get married about 30 days from now.  She was initially planning to get married next year, but decided to move it up and change some things around.  So basically, we just learned we have 1 week to prepare everything for her… magazine quality and style wedding… for 10 guests…  full catering…  etc.  (Not a problem for our team!)  sooo I really was looking for something that would be intimate and small enough but still have a beautiful breathtaking look.. she wants a 6 course meal for the gathering.. .. my chef was available.. booked the minister… so location location location.. thats all that was left to find…

After contacting several of the locations that I ordinarily like, for various reasons with this particular wedding situation, they were not going to work.  Finally I found a small stone cabin in the middle of the Cedars of Lebanon forest – 2 day rental $300  – and its perfect….  A beautiful scenic and easily accessible location that is the perfect fit for this wedding.  Sometimes, as a bride, the question shouldn’t be, “Can I afford to use a wedding planner?” it should be, “Can I afford not to use a wedding planner?”  Even on short notice, we are going to be able to make this bride’s big day a dream come true.

On a bit of a ramblind note…  I was watching a popular wedding program on telivision today… once again, I nearly lost control – $500,000 wedding… and I could have done it in my sleep… Someone out there that has connections with those TV shows… We are ready to show the world what we do!!!

I think I may be venting now, so thank you for reading and talk to you soon.

Thank you for all of the feedback we receive from our blog.  If you have a question about your wedding, let us know, and perhaps we’ll answer it here on our blog.

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