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Voted #1 Caterer in Nashville and one of the area’s most popular restaurants, Chef’s Market has evolved as one of Middle Tennessee’s leaders in the hospitality industry. Whether you are coming in for a bite or catering a special event, Chef’s is here to serve you!

Bo Jennings
Director of Sales

1. How did you get into the catering business?
I have been in the events industry my whole life. My dad used to put on youth camps/conferences. I’ve been working registration, merch tables, green rooms and anything else you can think of since elementary school.
Once I got to college, I began doing more event planning/managing while working at a golf course and handling outings, fundraisers and social functions.
After college I got into corporate event planning and eventually Sales and Events Director for a conference center. I love working in the events industry…can’t imagine anything else!

2. How long have you been in the business?
As I said earlier, I have been in the events industry my entire life, but have been in catering, specifically, for two years now.
Chef’s Market has been open for 16 years, however, building its brand as the #1 caterer in Nashville 3 years running!

3. What events do you enjoy working the most?
The easy answer is to say every event 😉 But lately I have had the pleasure of doing several themed events like the Mad Men party for the Nashville Opera, which always are fun for the guests and our staff.
But I am really loving family style service right now, as it lends itself to more of a community feel for the meal. In a world so driven by social media and technology, it’s heartwarming to see people gathered around a meal, passing food and talking to each other…not to mention laughing and enjoying the wedding, corporate or social function they are at!

4. Have you worked with Elliott events? If so, did you enjoy working with us?
I have booked my first few events with Tiffanie this year and am looking forward to doing more. In all of our meetings and tastings so far, she has been wonderful to work with.

5. How would you describe your cuisine?
Chameleon. Our food and custom menus take on the look of whatever the surroundings are.

6. Do you specialize in certain types of food or service?
We do custom menus for each client, which allows them to make their wedding, corproate or social event their own. Obviously being in the south we have to be able to do southern food well. But we have to stay on top of the latest trends so that our clients will continue to receive new and inventive custom menus.

7. Can you accommodate dietary restrictions if guests have any?
As long as our clients let us know of dietary restrictions in advance, we can be prepared at events for anything.

8. Are menus set, or do you have some flexibility? Can you customize your
own menu or use a family recipe?
Flexibility and customization are crucial to who we are.
Family recipes are always welcomed and we will do our very best to showcase your favorites.
However, I love working with clients to create twists or modern interpretations of those recipes. That allows your guests to get a taste of home while bringing your personality to the table.

9. What’s your most popular entree?
With the rising costs of beef and tenderloins/filets out of most people’s budget, we have been working on several other beef options that very affordable while still being delicous.
Our Executive Chef, Bill Konyok, grills flank steak to perfection (on an upcoming Elliott Event menu). You can easily adapt the marinade to suit whatever flavor profile you desire. I have been recommending it to clients and seeing more and more clients choose that.
But our Tennessee Cheesestraw Chicken (with red pepper jelly) and Apple and Brie Stuffed Pork Chops (with Bourbon Glaze) are favorites that clients consistently pick from. But doing custom menus for each client, we see our “favorites” list constantly changing and evolving.

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