We had another major issue that has freaked me out but I think will turn out for the better. We were using shop site for out store software and I’ve had soooo many issues, which I wasn’t for sure if it was my store support or the web hosting…but the store got accidentally deleted 2 weeks ago.. So we decided to go ahead and change hosting companies and change to zen cart for our store software. It’s just so confusing on how to set up. So my super smart hubby is going to figure it out and hopefully get it back up. One of these issues since January has been that we’ve been trying to get it to where anyone anywhere in the world can download training videos. Now this new software it supposed to make it a lot easier to download videos and also it should also be where you can make a payment on your wedding package invoice or if your making payments on workshop registrations…just soooo much better after we fugue it all out

Bear with us a little longer.. We are working hard to fix it and make it better for everyone!

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