Today is the first day of the April workshop and it’s going great! Have some here from London, England and from Bahamas and all over from the United States. One of the attendees is from DC and she had come to our march workshop and she came back to this class to learn more and she told the attendees… When she got back home from the last workshop she completely changed everything she did and how her showroom was setup. She said from the 6 people that she’s met with in the last month every single person has signed on! She said that workshop changed her life!….. Wow isn’t that a great testimony! I asked her to please write me a testimony that I can post from her exact words… It’s why I love doing the workshops.. Hearing that is just awesome! Today I taught basic backdrops with draping and lighting on the backdrops, then we taught the sweetheart and head table drapings! It’s been wonderful! Tomorrow Jeremy is teaching the ceiling drapings!

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