Tiffanie Elliott

Tiffanie Elliott- Owner/ Master Planner

With a flair for the fabulous, Tiffanie Elliott lives her dream by combining her eye for beauty and unparalleled creativity with her passion for entertaining. Her attention to detail and trademark love for statement items make her events unique. From constructing hand-woven floral arrangements, to crafting a wedding experience that is guaranteed to leave couples and attendees in awe; Tiffanie has a knack for interlacing beautiful things to create lasting memories. When defining what she does for a living, it is much more than merely planning weddings. Tiffanie is a visual storyteller; one who extracts the vision from the minds and imaginations of her clients and produces fairytales.

Tiffanie is tremendously family-oriented, and enjoys spending quality time with her littles – Ashlyn and Beckham. She relishes in traveling with her family, specifically to the Caribbean/ Mexico, which she refers to as her “happy place.” When she’s is not busy cooking up magic for the masses, she is consumed with all things relaxation: sipping wine with friends and trying to scour out the best Mexican restaurant in town.

When Tiffanie relives her wedding to her college sweetheart Carnell, she refers to that day as “the best day of her life.” That is her primary motivator behind every wedding she curates. She aspires for each couple she services to revisit that day and recall how it was the greatest day of their lives – as she does. Tiffanie and her amazing team do all the work, so her clients don’t have to. Her mantra is always to provide her clients with an amazing and unforgettable experience: one that is filled with luxe, grandeur, and bliss.

Tiffanie entered the industry in 2006, at the tender age of twenty-one, ready to take on a new experience. She is primarily self-taught, and believes that she is always the student, forever honing new ways to excel at her craft by attending numerous conferences and collaborating with other planners. Eleven years later, Elliott Events has made a name for itself, continuously thriving and produced hundreds of successful weddings and events. Tiffanie’s clientele is inclusive and diverse; having ranged from several Nashville elite, to professional athletes, and most importantly, everyday people who desire a professional and exuberant experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.