Today is Thursday and Thursday is our day that we write everything we are loading up on this giagantic board, it takes up a whole wall, we have our drawing of what the room will look like.. Counting all our linens, getting batteries in light bases, cleaning vases.. A lot of pre-work has to be done today. But I’m excited about the wedding this weekend, it’s a soft purple and dark plum and back in march we did basically the same color scheme but this setup is going to be completely different! We are doing a drape design, white on white, like what was just done at the workshop on the walls that are being draped and I have no doubt it’s going to be spectacular! Ready to load up and hurry up and get this day done so I can start working on it… But also got appointments booked all day.. So today is defintely a busy day for One Source Weddings!

One Source Weddings

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