It has really been amazing the response we have had about the wedding workshop. The workshop is now fully booked and we continue to receive emails requesting another workshop.  So, so let us know as soon as possible if you would like to attend.  It will essentially be the same workshop, only better.

We have been setting up the workshop location this week bringing in hundreds of silk flowers, drapery, linens, and more… The things we are teaching and the tips and tricks that we have learned from the past 8 years of experience…there really isn’t a school or workshop like this, that we have found online that is offering services like this to anyone who is getting into this line of work. I can’t wait to hear the response from the group this next weekend.   We have planners not only from Tennessee, but also coming from Michigan, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Ohio… and we have one planner from Nigeria Africa.   I have also received emails from the Carribean and the UK from people who are looking to register at one of the other workshops…We have talked about doing weddings around the world.. and its really neat to think that a piece of One Source Weddings will now be TRULY around the world!

For more information about this workshop visit or contact us through the blog or e-mail

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