Hello OSW Fans, I bet your all wondering if I dropped off the face of the earth for not blogging or updating the site recently.  We got new website software in May that I’ve been having to take each page of our website and type it in… and put new pictures.. and update the wedding.. anyways… I didnt realize there were SOOOO many pages on our website… I’ve got so much new stuff on the new website to share… but Its just getting it updated… I apologize for being a slow poke on this..

So I’ll tell you a little bit about whats going on..

We have a production company that is interested in us… and a videographer and an investor that wants to invest in us.. we have over a million hits a month on our website.. and we are wanting something that is inexpensive to OSW fans ..  a teaching lesson on how to do a certain flower arrangement that we just did… or how we did a backdrop… or simple techiniques with bouquets… and have it to where you can pay for it online and download it instantly… I think its a great idea… a ton of you email me monthly and are asking about draping dvds and teaching dvd sets… well thats another thing we are working on… sooooo hang in there with us..

We’ve had some great weddings too… that are not posted yet …  and there are stories about each one.. May we had weddings booked every weekend that the ceremony was outside… well, here in Tennessee the weather changes, I’m pretty sure by the hour.. anyways every weekend in May was rained out and we had to come up with a completely different plan within just days before the actual wedding. Some hilarious and wonderful things happened out of the last minute setups

We had one wedding in May that one of our workshop attendees came and worked to get more experience.. We had a complete all in one wedding that we started 9 a.m. on Friday morning and did about 12 hours on Friday.. then saturday was the wedding.. that lasted until 2 a.m. .. but we also had another wedding on Sunday that had at least a 10-15 hour ceiling setup… we had originally talked with the hotel and had the day before (sat) to work on the ceiling.. so I was going to send some of my team in the morning time to start work on the ceiling drape… then the hotel called and said we couldnt get in till 10 P.M.! Yep, I’m not for sure if you fire on all cylinders without sleep for 3 days.. I fired on maybe 75%… but some of my team went during the other wedding to start on the ceiling.. at 10 p.m. and we finished at 10 a.m. the next morning.. and then did the Sunday wedding that ended at midnight… You talk about coordinatingggggg.. I think we were overcoordinated… I really wanted to make sure we had it down to a t. And we did it.. and it turned out incredible.. I cant wait to show you..

In June we had a wedding in an Airport Hanger which was pretty cool.. actually cool might not be the right adjective.. it was incredible HOT.. but looked cool…  :-) – It was my first wedding I did completely without any flowers.. it was a challenge for me..

In July we had a wedding that was at The Factory in Franklin.. which we’ve done several times before.. we had a whole new design.. and normally I wont drape unless they have the day before booked also.. you just dont know what you will run into… Ceiling Draping is NOT as easy as it looks.  The bride did not pay a deposit for the day before and it ended up getting booked…So we came in on the same day at 5 in the morning and created an incredible ceiling drape, tunnel, and massive fresh flower arrangements and a focal point.. we call it a chuptagon around the cake… and it was breathtaking… We were so proud of ourselves for accomplishing it… I tell you if we ever got on a TV show it would be so much more interesting than some of the other wedding shows… no upety up wedding planner complaining about her brides budget… no bride drama… but the hilariousness of how we accomplish our normal budget normal brides beautiful wedding.

We’ve had 2 more workshops that were just great! I am looking forward to these workshops now just as much as weddings… I’m trying to give some of the brides that come in with a low budget to just “trust” us and let the workshop create the wedding for them.. with all the elements that we teach at the shop.. but then the workshop attendees get to “see” a real bride using what they just learned.. and get to experience the gloriousness of it all.

(Personal Side note: Jeremy and I got another boxer puppy.. kinda crazy, I know.. )

I thought I couldnt get to my blog either.. and Jeremy (my techinical wonderful photographer hubby) asked me why I hadnt been blogging.. I didnt know I could!!! Now at least I can still let you know whats going on..

You can probably tell I’m just overflowing with way to many words… I cant tell you everything thats happened since May in just one post… now that I realize I can post without the new software.. I will be back on track..

We also added on more workshops that are not on this website yet… (on the new one)

They are November 13th and 14th 2009

January 15 and 16th 2010

February 19 and 20 2010

Until Next Time!  Wendy!


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