DID YOU KNOW….One Source Weddings will go anywhere in the world to teach a workshop.. its just up to you to host it!

You will be in charge of the flight, hotel for 5 days – teaching for only 3 days and we have 2 free days to see the sites.

You must have materials for us to teach with.  A list can be compiled to fit with what you are wanting to learn. And what you want your workshop to be about!

You must provide transportation and lunch and dinner each day or monetary equivalent.

$1,000 Cash upon arrival for our time spent there -…

That’s it!  super simple… then you can host and charge people in your area.. per person cost just like we do here in TN.

If you have a staff of people you want trained all at once or if you want to host a workshop yourself.. We are here to teach others how to do what we do..

And now this is how we are offering our services to those outside of the TN area.

Right now we may be headed off to the Virgin Islands in August.. One of the past workshop attendees.. called and is pregnant and she has to have her staff, hands on trained just

like she was.. so now the details are being worked out..

We take it very seriously, and we find a joy in training and showing others how to do what we do.. We love meeting new people, taking them under our wings.. its really a pleasure..

Still hard work.. but its a joy!

So maybe we will be in your neck of the woods sooner than you think!

One Source Weddings Official Website

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