I am a big sister to two brothers. I grew up with them always in my shadow. Growing up we were home schooled so we were literally together  24/7 for most of our young lives. We built forts, rode go carts, played dress up ( they won’t admit it)  and drove our parents crazy most of the time. I wouldn’t change a thing about my childhood and spending most of it making memories with them. Growing up we were a family of 5 and I never thought we would expand past that. When I got married I realized that adding Carnell was adding to my family. This might sound weird to you. I obviously knew I was creating my own  family with Carnell but I never realized how much of a brother he would be to my brothers and how much of a son he would be to my parents. They love him as if he had been around forever. Now after 5 years of dating Brandon has asked Jessica to be apart of our family and we will be a family of 7. I truly love Jessica as a sister and I am thrilled to have her around forever. I am also thrilled my brother Brandon has found someone that loves him unconditionally and passionately. As a big sister this is all I could possibly want for my brother. Love you both.

Now enjoy these beautiful photos from Shots by Cheyenne.



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