Today is the first day of our July workshop… I’m soooo exhausted! I think I say that everytime.. There’s sooo much I want to share and there just never seems to be enough time.. And at some point I get so exhausted my brain stops working…So today I actually ended up staying till a little past 9 which normally I’m out of there on the dot at 5:00.. But I’m enjoying it.. I just hope they all will get something out of it!

Then I got home and got an email from someone in NYC wanting us to do a class there.. A couple days ago I had a lady from Florida asking if we were coming down there for a workshop.. I’d love to both places. But currently no sponser. So I decided to put what it would take on the blog for us to come to either state. NY or FL

Basically how it works. You find the location that we can use for 3 days. Thurs- Sat .. And the location has to be workable to teach ceiling drapery too.. It does not have to be pretty just workable…Most times you can send us a picture of the location and we can tell if it’s doable or not. Then you pay for hotel – 2 king size or queen size beds for thurs night, Friday night, 500 cold hard cash when we arrive for just gasoline/ travel expense. (only exact price for NY or FL other states have different travel expense..)we have to rent a big truck to bring everything with us, And that’s it!!

You and 1 other person ) do not have to pay to register for that class ($1,600 value) and you get 1 free complete set of all the training videos. ($1,000 value) and lifetime free workshop classes that you(or just 1 person) can attend again and again at different workshops..(value..? Priceless!!!) You could go in with another designer or 2 and split the costs..

We then will post on our website a traveling workshop and post all the details and we will allow only 10 other people to register with us for that class.

And that’s our requirements to teach a workshop if your in the state of NY or FL. If you are the sponser!

You can text me at 615-967-1793 if your intrerested! Thanks! And maybe one day we will see you soon!

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