So yesterday my husband, Jeremy said I’ve been doing horrible on my blogging… Then tonight one of my brides said “Wendy you haven’t blogged in a while”… Soooo I’m getting back on track, got a blogging app on my iPhone so I can blog from anywhere now! (my warm bed, stoplights, in the walmart checkout line…blog from anywhere I said! :-)) Whoo hoo. To our fans (hand raised) I promise to do better on my wedding blogging!

So this past weekend we had a workshop with 11 attendees. First let me say this was just such a fun group of ladies. Normally, I’m a stickler on making sure we end at the end time… They were just all soaking it all in, and having fun and then I had them all working on different things at the end of the 2nd day and when quitting time came.. Well I just didn’t have the heart to tell them to stop.. I wanted them to finish.. It was supposed to end at 6 and I think it was 7:30. Then we cleaned up (the osw crew) and left at 11:15! Long 2 days!!

And they all did a great job! Had a sweetheart tent setup, a cake chuppahs setup, reg chuppahs and a chuptagon- (i don’t think chuptagon is a real word, we made it up – got 5 poles instead of the 4 poles like the chuppahs.) Used some yellow daises for centerpieces which are really inexpensive, but we showed how you can take a simple item, but do that item in mass and then that simple thing has much MUCH drama! I will post pictures on our osw facebook and the website. One Source Weddings WebsiteShowed LED lighting, we set up a head table and then transfered over to catering table, Jeremy taught some ceiling draping, we ate awesome catered food both days… Now we are all exhausted.. One of the attendees is a facebook friend. After the first day I checked her status and it said “so exhausted I could puke!” I laughed and laughed…great description..

I know how she feels. Is only 8:30 and I can’t hardly keep my eyes open..i keep having to retype the correct spellings cause my brain in on sluggish mode. Soo that’s all for now! Got a lot to share with everyone! I’ll let you in on some great things going on with us currently! Next upcoming wedding is march 6 combined with a workshop on march 4 and 5. I’m excited about that one too!

Good night osw fans for now…. I shall return!

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