I’ve been prepping for Shaie and AJ’s wedding all week! What better way to celebrate this special time than with a bride spotlight! They have been such a wonderful couple, and I am thankful that they chose me to be a part of their special day! Can’t wait to see them walk down the aisle this Saturday! Enjoy some fun details about their love story!

How We Met: I saw a commercial for an on-line dating website, and thought “none of those gorgeous people are actually on this website” so in my skeptical attempt to discredit the site I made an account. LOL. After I completed my questionnaire the site gave me 3 matches based on my answers and asked, do you like this photo for each guy? AJ’s college graduation photo popped up and I clicked yes I like this photo. How can you not like a photo of a man with a college degree!? What I didn’t know was that it sent him an email saying “Shaie likes your photo!” He responded, we chatted and the rest is history…..

Proposal: When they started dating, AJ asked Shaie when would be a good time to propose to her and she said, “Not until I graduate from college”. AJ respected her decision and also wanted to be there to motivate her to see her goal through. Knowing that Shaie is an old-fashioned girl, AJ went to her father and God-father during the Thanksgiving holiday and asked for her hand in marriage. Her father said, “You can marry her, just make sure she graduates college first and make sure you take care of her!” 

Knowing that he had the approval of her father, AJ decided to go ring shopping. He knew it would take some time to pay for something that Shaie would approve of so he started saving early.

Then came the day! Shaie had officially crossed the stage and her name had been announced as a college graduate. He knew that this would be the perfect time. At her graduation luncheon, Shaie opened gifts from family and friends and that’s when AJ stood up and made his move.

He told her that he didn’t have a gift, all he had was his heart, but with his heart came this…

And then he got on one knee and asked her, “Will You Marry Me?”

Shaie started crying and said “Yes, of course I will”




How we chose Tiffanie: One of my friends tagged me to a photo of a beautiful wedding she saw on instagram. It turned out to be Amanda & Cary Williams’ wedding. I googled Elliott Events and called Tiffanie.  When we first spoke on the phone I didn’t feel like I was interviewing a vendor, I felt like I was talking to an old friend who made me laugh, kept me calm and could deal with my OCD personality. I’m from Los Angeles, CA so I had a hard time finding a designer who wouldn’t make my wedding look like a country BBQ. She could sense my vision, agreed that “bling” could be a wedding color and banned mason jars! I immediately knew she was my girl!

Planning: Planning with Elliott Events is a breeze and JOY! My mantra has become “When in doubt, Call Tiffanie” and she actually answers!!!! I have emailed crazy questions that had nothing to do with her role, and she still answered! I once called Tiffanie freaking out about being overcapacity, my fiance and I were actually scared to call thinking she’d be mad, but when she answered, she said “No problem, I’ll take care of it! It’s not a big deal” Those are the words every bride wants to hear from every vendor! She even helped me choose my venue and her staff has gone above and beyond for me, and its not even my wedding day yet!

Wedding Day: I most excited about dancing the night away with my husband! I knew AJ was the one very early on and I’m just stoked to be his wife!