So we have approached a new location called Durego in Franklin about doing a bridal show sponsered by one source weddings and we have been given the ok!

These are the tentative plans (these could change) I want to do a show with all of our highly recommended people that one source weddings use. Now I don’t want this to be like any other bridal show that you’ve ever been to! Most times brides are so overwhelmed with all the vendors that walk out without a plan and totally confused! We want to eliminate all that. You can walk thru THIS bridal show and design your whole wedding instantly! This is going to be a very high class bridal show. It’s not going to look like your typical 10×10 spaces, one source weddings is designing and decorating the entire event! Every vendor will be able to really showcase their work. Now this will be an exclusive event for some vendors. They can choose to be the only cake person there or they can choose to have 1 or 2 other cake people there also.. We are not going to allow a lot of one category into the show! There are lots of plans in the works, and the ideas are rolling off! And it’s just one of those things we know is going to blow the socks off of all who come! I’ll post more info later! If you have ideas ofwhat you would like to see in a one-of-a kind bridal show email me at
Or visit our website at
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