Wedding Workshop – (short update)

The workshop has just ended.. and Jeremy and I are both exhausted, but we are just so pleased and excited with the entire 2 days.. we are just so proud of everyone and I cant wait to hear the testimonials that come out of this..  I will take the time to write more details about what went on and what we did.. and we will be posting pictures online in the next couple days… I just need a couple ... Read the Post

Wedding wall and ceiling draping

This week we have already 3 different inquires for traveling packages. Got invited to maybe teach a workshop in the virgin islands. Got a inquiry to help a wedding designer, that is going to be a workshop attendee coming up soon, put up her first ceiling draping in Florida, and got a call from a bride in California about wall draping! So looks like we are doing a lot more traveling!Lots of ... Read the Post

This week is the wedding professionals workshop

It has really been amazing the response we have had about the wedding workshop. The workshop is now fully booked and we continue to receive emails requesting another workshop.  So, so let us know as soon as possible if you would like to attend.  It will essentially be the same workshop, only better.We have been setting up the workshop location this week bringing in hundreds of silk flowers, ... Read the Post